Monday, January 30, 2012

Pictures, Comments, And Followers

I am sure a common question you may be asking is why are there no pictures with any of the posts?  This is actually pretty simple.  When I was working through the engine swap, I wasn't intending on creating a blog about it.  In essence, I didn't take a lot of pictures thru the process.  I know pictures would be very helpful.

Although I do have some, they don't necessarily depict the steps that you will be walking thru at this point. 

Currently I am working on other items that will be blog posts later and I will be taking pictures of those and posting.  Eventually I will get into the rebuilding of the engine I removed from my mustang and at that point I will be able to go thru and make the pictures to go along with the steps discussed up to this point. 

Until that point, if you have a question about any step in this process, feel free to leave a comment on the post and I will do my best to answer it.  I will try to answer as soon as I possibly can with as much detail as possible.  If I have an image that would be useful to you I can either email it to you or update the post with it. 

Ask anything about the post, It will help make the blog better.

Until last week I didn't realize comments were only allowed for people who joined my blog or who were followers of it.  Although I recommend that anyone who finds this information to follow my blog, I turned off the requirement.  Now you can annonymously post a comment.  The only thing I ask is that you be respectful  I still moderate comments to prevent the spammers from getting all the crap on here.

Please become a follower of my blog.  I am not a business, I will not use this information to spam you, I would just like to get a solid base of people reading so that I know what I am posting is being read and not for nothing.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling the correct type of oil filter bung for my explorer 5.0 motor to put into my 90 gt.

    I'm not quite done with my swap yet, I've got all the accessories off and just test fit my shorty headers on the gt40p heads (they fit barely).

    Anyway, I like your blog, it feels like less of a writeup and more of detailed conversation that describes the "why" behind what you're doing.

    1. Thanks Josh. I am trying to get some more stuff up, but my personal life is keeping me busier than I would like. Feel free to keep coming back and let me know if you are wanting to try something, I either may have done it or are about to do it. It will give me some motivation to get it done and up here. :)