Sunday, January 29, 2012

Explorer Engine Swap - Installing the Timing Chain and Oil Pump

Following all of the articles so far, we now have the valve springs and cam shaft installed.  The next piece of this is to get the timing chain and oil pump installed on this motor.

Yeah, I know I said that I was going to do this in 2 hour increments and thus far most of the work has been either real close to 2 hours or over.

Well to balance this out a bit, this article shouldn't take much more than an hour to complete.

The first thing we are going to do is to remove the oil pan.  The Explorer oil pan is aluminum.  The band around the outside is a bit thicker than the Mustang oil pan so you will want to keep these bolts separate from everything else as you won't be able to reuse them.

Make sure you have something under your engine at this point.  Although you would think that all the oil has been drained down into the pan, some how there is always some that stays there and will drip on your floor.

Remove the bolts for the oil pan in any order you see fit and slightly put pressure on the front of the oil pan.  This will help release it from the seal that is currently there.

Once the pan is off, pour the excess oil in your oil drain pan.

At this point we will want to flip the engine over so that it is upside down on our engine stand.  This is where the engine stand really comes in handy.

Remove the old oil pump and pickup tube.  You won't be using the pickup tube so you can put that with the oil pan.

Note that there is a nut on a studded bolt to hold the pickup tube in place.  You will be doing the same with the mustang pickup tube.

When you unbolt the oil pump, it should come up pretty easily.  The reason for this is that there was not a gasket installed there at the factory.  You will be using one from your gasket kit when you install the new pump.  Also note that the oil pump drive shaft also comes out with the oil pump.  Hopefully you have purchased a new one, but this is something that can be reused.

Once the oil pump has been removed make sure you clean the gasket surface to give it a clean seat.  put the pump shaft in the pump and carefully put the shaft into the hole where the distributor goes down.  Make sure you torque the oil pump to the proper specifications.

You probably don't have the Mustang engine removed yet (I didn't at this point) so you can flip the engine back over and start to put on the timing chain.

If you don't know what you are doing, this can be a bit tricky so make sure you pay attention.   The timing chain comes marked with two dots on the gears.  you need to make sure those are lined up closest to each other when you put this timing chain on.  This is actually pretty easy once you realize that the gears only go on one way.  You need to position the camshaft and the crank in such a way that the gears go on.

When using a new camshaft, it can be a bit difficult to get the gears to line up on the shafts properly because the chain is so tight.  That is why I had you note this when you took the old one off.  The chain does stretch over time and you will get some timing that is a bit off as it wears out.  That is why you should put a new one on now.

Once these gears are lined up and on the shaft, it is time to put the bolt back in the timing chain and torque it down.

Torque is very important.  Never think anything is just good enough.  It causes parts to break.

Take a break at this point, you have earned it.  Plus you will need it for the next section of cleaning the gasket areas.

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