Friday, January 13, 2012

Explorer Engine Swap - The Shopping List

In my previous posts I covered the parts that were required as well as some of the other parts that were a good idea to replace.  In this post I am going to go over a full shopping list of all the parts in one place as well as give you a good idea of how much they will cost.

Let me first start out by saying, there is no one stop shop for all of the parts that you will need to get this job done.  I did find that you can order all of your parts online and save a lot of money that way.  This even includes free shipping (or site to store if you wish).

When purchasing items for your engine, you need to remember, this is an Explorer engine that you are buying things for.  Although it is still a 5.0L HO engine, some of the parts are not the same as that of the Mustang engine.

I will point out items that I found that you need to be specific about buying for the explorer engine or mustang.

While making this list, I am assuming that you have already purchased your Explorer engine so I am not including it in the list.

First I will list the parts out with their price and where I purchased mine, and then I will go thru and give a brief description as to why I chose them.  Note:  Explorer Specific, Mustang Specific, Universal

1.  Felpro Full Gasket Set  -  $73.99 - Part No.  KS 2371 -  Advance Auto Parts
2.  Melling Oil pump - $21.99 - Part No. M-68 - Advance Auto Parts
3.  Melling Oil Pump Drive Shaft - $5.99 - Part No. IS-68 - Advance Auto Parts
4.  GMB Water Pump - $69.99 - Part No. 125-1920 - Advance Auto Parts
5.  Sealed Power Timing Set - $27.99 - Part No. KT3-163SA1 - Advance Auto Parts
6.  Dorman Harmonic Balancer - $58.99 - Part No. 594-024 - Advance Auto Parts
7.  8 Spark Plugs - $2.99 - Part No.  AP104 - Advance Auto Parts
8.  Thermostat - $6.99 - Part No.  45359 - Advance Auto Parts
9.  Oil Filter - $4.99 - Part No.  FL1A - Advance Auto Parts
10.  5 quarts of 10W 30 Motor Oil - Price Varies - Wal-mart
11.  Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive - $6.29 - Part No. 8158 - Advance Auto Parts
12.  Spark Plug Wire Set - $22.99 - Part No. 2998 - Advance Auto Parts
13.  Oil Filter Bung - $7.99 - Part No. LRS-6890A - Late Model Restoration
14.  Professional Products Intake Adapter - $64.99 - PP-54151 - Late Model Restoration
15.  Trick Flow Valve Spring Kit - $149.99 - TFS-2500100 - Late Model Restoration
16.  4 gallons of Green Coolant - price varies - Wal-mart
17.  Permatex Engine Assembly lube - $5.79 - 81950 - Advance Auto Parts

This list should give you every thing you need to take the engine apart and put it back together.  I want to note that I did not remove the heads off of the engine when changing the springs.  This would have required the purchase of new head bolts.  Those are an extra $20 per side.  An expense that is not needed and I will explain how to accomplish this in another post.

There are other things that you may need to purchase due to age of your engine and difficulty removing pieces.  You may need to buy some hose clamps and/or hoses.  Hose clamps go for $1-$2.

Some quick notes about the parts listed here.  

On the gasket set, you want to make sure you have this for the Explorer or your upper intake gasket will not match.  If you have to purchase a new one, it will run about $25 so getting it right is of the utmost importance.

On the Water Pump.  Although the water pump for the Explorer will bolt up, it has a larger front drive.  This means you will need to use the pulley off of the Explorer.  This pulley is just slightly smaller.  This means it will spin a bit faster than anticipated.  The next reason to not use it is that the hoses that come out of the water pump are smaller than that of the mustang.  This can cause problems when trying to tighten the hoses.

On the harmonic Balancer.  The Explorer uses a crank position sensor to determine when to fire off the spark for the cylinder.  The Mustang uses a typical distributor.  You will see a vast difference when you remove it.  You will know why you need the mustang one.

On the oil filter bung.  The Explorer uses a 90 degree angle and a different style of oil filter.  You need to modify this and use the FL-1A filter for the Mustang.

On the spark plugs.  Make sure they are the Explorer spark plugs.  This is because the head is different between the Mustang and Explorer and they will not screw in otherwise.  

On the spark plug wires.  Make sure they are for the Mustang.  This is because the mustang uses a typical distributor where the Explorer uses a coil pack.  This results in different ends for them.

Now that you have read all of this stuff, I want to let you know that you shouldn't pay full price for all these parts.  You will want to read my next article, "Extreme Couponing For the Gear Head."  It will save you a lot of money on this project as well as others that you may do.


  1. It is my understanding that all explorer parts will be removed. IE water pump and oil filter attachment point? On my swap I intend to remove all explorer components except heads and intake? Swapping my timing cover etc. Did you decide to just re use the explorer pieces? If so what was the reason?

    1. I reused the timing cover because it was the same as mine. Since I already had a cam, I didn't have to wait for the cover to come off of my current engine so there was no reason to actually use it.

      I also re-used the lifters, push rods, and rockers as there is no difference there either.

      Your assessment is pretty much correct though you have to use all of your mustang stuff, but the timing cover is the same.

  2. I am putting a 2000 explorer moter in my 87 mustang and have been following your blog. This has been incredibly helpful and i really apreciate all the time you have taken to put together the instructions
    on the part list, you have part #KS 2371 for the gasket kit for advanced auot. when i search that part number for my explorere 5.0 it says it does not fit.
    I was hoping you could let me know if you experienced the same problem and went with the kit anyways?


    1. It is very possible that your gasket kit could be different when using a 2000 Explorer engine. When I looked it up online that is the part number they gave me for my engine which was a 1996. Now I did run into the problem that my upper intake gasket was not the correct one and they didn't provide the correct water pump gasket either. The water pump I wasn't worried about because the gasket came with the new water pump, but the upper intake was a problem, so I brought it back to advance and they switched out the correct gasket for me. I think they only did this because I showed them the upper intake and what the gasket should look like and they looked up the part number and noticed that it was the same one that I had. There was no dispute that the wrong gasket was provided. If I were in your situation I would go with what ever part number they provide for it. The online tools work great.

      Good Luck!