Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Color Change Update

Ok, I have identified everything that needs to be colored in order to complete my color change.  This process is not a short one and is not for the faint of heart.  :)

Ok, so maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it takes some time to do.

In this post I am covering what I have done thus far and what is left to do.  I am also explaining some of the things that I found that were broken as well as the you might as well change it while you are in there items.

So far I have taken out the rear inner quarter panels and changed them over to black.

The console has been removed and all pieces have been changed to black.  I didn't color the arm rest pad though because I bought a black one at a swap meet I was at around easter time.

The plastic pieces that hold the carpet down have been removed,

The visors and all surrounding metal and plastic pieces have been removed and colored.

The dash pad has been removed.

The actual dash has been removed as well.

There are only a couple remaining pieces that have to be removed and colored.  I have not touched the door panels yet, and the cowel cover needs a little reconditioning as well as the 2 plastic pieces at the bottom of the windshield.  Once all of those pieces are converted over, it is ready to put back together.

One other update is that I ordered new seat belts for the front.  Those are the most visible and the ones I care about the most.  I had read some postings on how you can dye your seatbelts and make them black, but it brought up safety concerns.  Some of the stuff that you had to do made me question if you would weaken the material the seat belts are made out of.  Although seat belts are not the most inexpensive things, I recommend erroring on the side of safety and buying new ones.  I think used are fine as well as long as they are in good condition if you can find them.  From my experience the used belts were running about 75% of the cost of new.

Some of the future items that are coming up...

Heater core change.  This is one of those items that is known to go bad on the fox body Mustangs.  In order to change the heater core, you need to take the dash out.  Since I already have the dash out, I am 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to changing the heater core.  Since it is a $20 part new.  I am going to change it.

I found out my heater control switch was bad in my car.  I thought it was just the cable for the temperature control at first, but then when I took it out I found that the actual control was bad as well.  I thought this was going to be a really tough one to find, but when doing some research I found that the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr were also the same.  I have heard the Ford Granada also has the same control, but I cannot confirm for sure on this one.

I am going to change out that temperature control cable as well.  I bought one when I purchased my seat belts. 

Outside of that everything looks good. I am going to try to work on this some more this weekend and will post an update that has some actual pictures in it so you can see the new look.  I didn't take any side by side shots so I can't really compare. 

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