Monday, July 18, 2011

Say No To Crack...

Now that the mustang seems to be running really well, it is time to work on the other parts of the car that will make it look better.  First item on the list is the windshield.

When I first bought the mustang, there was a small crack in the windshield.  I knew eventually it would need to be replaced, but I was hoping that it would stay small for a while longer or at the very minimum, stay small enough to stay out of the line of sight.

You know what they say, the thing that you don’t want to happen always will.  I was out driving this week, and I noticed the crack getting bigger and bigger.  The next thing I know, the crack is out past my steering wheel and almost 1/2 way across the entire windshield.

Windshields are not the easiest thing to install.  They are not real difficult, but they do require some special tools to cut the old windshield out and then special sealer to put the new one in.  I like to leave this to the professionals as they will give you a warranty against any leaking.

Another item to know about windshields is that they are not cheap.  This is something you will want to call around for and get estimates/quotes on.  I found many different places charge different prices.  The make and model of car also comes into play in terms of how much cost is associated.  I found out that the Mustang windshield I needed was actually one of the cheaper ones that I have ever had replaced.  And trust me, there have been several replaced in my cars.  Apparently I am a magnet for rocks and stones.

In my searching I found that the price range for this windshield was between $160 and $210 installed.  If you wanted the convenience of them coming to you, tack on another $20.  I decided to go on the inexpensive end for this and get the windshield installed at their place of business.

Installation times will vary, but what you can typically expect is your windshield replaced in about 1-2 hours.  There will be a requirement of no automatic car washes, and be careful slamming your door.  In a typical install for a coupe, you can get some back pressure behind that windshield and make the seal come loose/undone if it hasn’t set for a correct amount of time yet.

Now that the new windshield is in place, I have no worries about being pulled over for having a cracked windshield.  It also makes the car look so much better.

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