Saturday, April 21, 2012

Went To A Swap Meet

Over the Easter weekend there was an All Ford Swap Meet in Columbus, Ohio.  I had heard good things about this meet, so I made plans to attend this year.  This was a pretty large group that was out there, but from what I understand, it is not as large as it was in the past due to this being the Easter weekend.

I scored a few things there.  Most of which I could have bought online, but since I was there, I figured I would just go ahead and pick them up.  I found some of the power window bezels for the front and rear windows.  These things get very brittle as they age and tend to crack and disintegrate around where you put the screw in.  I also picked up a new shifter boot.  The shifter boot was one of the harder things to find.  Although I knew I could buy one online, I just never pulled the trigger on it.  I kind of wanted to find an original leather boot, but they are few and far between.  Not to mention when you do find one, they usually have the problem that they are ripped or worn to the point there are holes where the bends in the boot are. So i decided to bite the bullet and just go ahead and purchase the new boot.

Ok, that is where the new parts ended for me.  I did score one other find at this event.  Although I think I paid pretty much top dollar for it, I found a new console arm rest pad in black.  This is an original black, not one that has been tinted or painted.  It wasn't all spread out or anything.  Just a bolt in and go.  I was very very happy about that.  Although like I said, I think I paid top dollar for it, it is a rare find and cost about $40.  The down side is that just before I left I found a new reproduction version for the same price. Shrug... live and learn I guess.

One of the things that I haven't said much about on here is that I also have an 86 GT convertible.  This is the car I like the best.  The problem is, it is also the car that needs the most care.  I am in the process of converting the interior from a charcoal grey color to black.  You can look forward to some future articles that are discussing this transition.  I just have to find time to finish it and then post some about it.

The last (and possibly best) score I found at this swap meet wasn't even for me.  My neighbor also has an 86 GT, and he is in the process of getting it prepped for painting.  Although he wanted to come to the swap meet, he had other family obligations to attend but asked that if I found a front bumper to pick it up for him.

Oh, I found a front bumper.  This bumper didn't look like it has ever been installed on a car.  The guy I bought it from said it was made on the original ford tooling.  So this was a brand new cover for $150.  Won't find one that cheap anywhere else.

After all was said and done, I did have a good time at this swap meet.  My wife went with me as well, and even though she hates to admit it, she had a good time too.  :)  She is really good at locating parts.  I would have never guessed that from her.

A couple of caveats to know when going to a swap meet like this.  People want to get as much money as they can from these parts.  So make sure you know what you are buying.  I had a guy trying to sell me a dash pad that had the plastic cover on it for $80.  Well, I can get a brand new one for $90, why would I buy that one?  I would also be using my dash pad which was in better condition than the one he had under that cover.  Regardless, you can get a full new dash pad for about $220.  I think that is the route I will go anyway.  I need to go with black color.  While I am on this topic, a word of advice to anyone with a mustang 79-86...  Don't cut holes for the speakers in the dash pad and then put the speaker covers over them.  That is why I need to replace mine.  It would be mint condition if they didn't cut the holes.

Like I said, look for more articles on the interior work I am doing.  They will be coming probably around end of May/early June.


  1. I've never had the chance to get to swap meet, but this sounds like a great way to get my hands on those obscure parts that don't come up frequently. With that said, I'm still looking for the cargo cover to go in the hatch back of my gt.


    1. That is a very rare one to find. Most of them have been discarded or are in so rough shape they are useless. Good luck with that one.