Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Topless Tuesday March 27, 2012

Ok, this one is coming a week late, but what that means is that you will be getting two of them today.  Not bad considering it is "Two"sday.  (I admit it's bad)

In the mode of keeping Topless Tuesday alive and well, here is my submission from 3/27/2012.  My intent was to present pictures of me or a member of my family out and about in the Mustangs that we own, but I stumbled upon this beauty when we were heading into Houlihan's in Noblesville, IN.  I can't see this car with the top down and not have it as a feature for Topless Tuesday.

I am sure you will agree anytime you get a specimine from the 60's that looks this good, you have to stop and admire it.  The interior looked as good as the exterior on this car.  If there was any model of Mustang I could have chose to buy it would be this one.  Too bad they are out of my budget just like a new one is.  :)

I hope you enjoyed this.

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